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1 ambitious Ann Arbor Art prom dresses outlet stores Center fundraiser

The pieces will be sold for $40 each to raise funds for the art center program.Artworks will be on view in the second floor galleries of the center, 117 west liberty street, beginning february 18.Patrons can scramble to buy their favorite pieces, beginning at noon, on february 20.That day or until all of the artworks sell.

The challenge originally asked painters to contribute 30 paintings on 10 x 12"Canvases that the art center supplied to participating artists.Enthusiastic artists working in a variety of media were also welcomed into the fold.Most of the artists featured in the fundraiser are using the 10 x 12"Canvases to create paintings or mixed media artworks.Others are contributing jewelry, ceramics, prints and additional types of art.

Be ready to buy what you like, on february 20, because there is a catch.If you take a painting off of the wall or pick up that piece of jewelry you have been eyeing, you must buy it.Art center president / ceo marsha chamberlin says this rule worked well at a similar event held in seattle that director of programs josie bockelman attended, where it a rush, she relates.

Hope the rule creates a sense of pent up demand.People are going to cheapweddinges have to make decisions quickly to get what they want, chamberlin says.If there is a mad rush for the artworks, the rule should also help keep the hordes in line.Almost like being at filene basement when the wedding dresses come in.You don want someone to be hogging a bunch of them, if they are not going to buy them, she laughs.

With so many artworks to choose from, chamberlin thinks that the show will give buyers of eye candy, and them to see many different artists processes, she says.

Contributing artist edmund zagorin usually makes films, but he took the 30 x 30 challenge as an opportunity to create a series of abstract mixed media artworks on canvas.His canvases explore between overly opulent, excessive consumption and wealth and objects that represent violence and poverty.For example, the royal purple splatter paint and christmas cookie sprinkles featured on one of his canvases contrasts with the brick pattern zagorin created with electrical tape and dirtied with charcoal on other canvas.He says his artworks, which often include only one or a few colors, on the materials with emphasis on texture and materials to convey density and object hood.

Vesna savic, a metal artist who works out of her madmax metalworks studio, has never worked with canvas before.She says the 30 x 30 challenge ended up encouraging her to take her art in directions.For the fundraiser, savic is incorporating metal into 10 x 12 inch mixed media painted canvases, including small strips of metal, pieces of wire and nails.

She reports that a few of the works will look and shiny, and many of them look distressed.For example, a particular canvas might have the qualities of surface of a car in the junk yard with a rusted piece of metal added as an accent piece.Savic says, she likes idea of something that has a story behind it.I like my stuff to look like it had a life before you got it.Andrea smith decided to paint the sunrise every morning for 30 days, from the window of her downtown ann arbor home or at friends and family members places wherever she happened to be at sunrise each morning.Smith found the routine and way to make winter a little more fun.Even on a gray day, the painter had fun finding the daily variations brought on by changes in weather and her location.

Every day is gonna have a brilliant sunrise, but everyday there was something unique about it.Those were the details i was trying to tap into, she explains.Andrea mother, becky smith, a jewelry designer, is incorporating beads into the 30 canvases she is contributing to the 30 x 30 fundraiser.

The art for kids scholarship fund is the art center tuition scholarship program.Program funds scholarships for kids who would not otherwise be able to take advantage of the opportunities the art center provides, explains marketing manager and art consulting services rep beth ressler.Scholarships cover students for an entire year, which equates to 3 semesters of classes and 1 week of camp.

One level the scholarship program is providing good cultural recreation and education.Then at another level, the kids just get wedding party dresses australia a chance to lose themselves in art, in ideas, in color and in the medium, chamberlin says.She recognizes that in a tough economy, more and more people struggle to afford art classes.Hard for people to ask for help, so we try to make it as easy as possible on them.We want to ask enough questions of applicants to assure ourselves that they are in real need.However, we try to not make that process intrusive for people, chamberlin explains.

Was so pleased that so many artists jumped at the chance to participate in the fundraiser and support our scholarship program.We are really grateful that this is a collaborative effort between the art center and all of the artists, chamberlin says.

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Nature CheapPromes cell biology

Introductionpowerpoint is a joy to use click a few highly intuitive buttons to animate your favourite model and the results seem the work of professionals with years of film school behind them.Customize your graphics to rival the finest glossy magazines.But does a visually striking presentation really make your research more accessible or memorable?Do bouncing phosphates really explain a kinase reaction better?We would argue that overbearing graphics tend to distract the audience from the science.

The mobile ringtone craze seems to have been replaced by an addiction to fancy slide transitions which seem irresistible to the multiconferencehopping principal investigator stuck in an airport lounge waiting for an indeterminably delayed flight.The final frontier in the multimedia circus of some presentations seems to be audio it is just a matter of time before the first experiment is enhanced with the opening bars of beethoven's fifth.

This journal will certainly not bemoan the advent of the digital age(Although powerpoint lacks the romanticism of a mildewed first few slides to say 'this is where it all started').Neither does it intend to undervalue a bit of light entertainment to keep the audience's attention on the last day of an overloaded conference.More importantly, for the cell biologist, modern presentation technology has of course been tremendously beneficial;In particular the realtime presentation of sizeable movies and the spatial navigation of threedimensional microscopy images or protein structures permit datarich and accessible presentations.

However, graphics tools ought to be used only when necessary.It is worth reflecting on the frustrating experience of watching a hollywood movie so overloaded with special effects that it leaves the viewer drained from sensory overload but intellectually and emotionally unsatisfied.Less is more:After a day cheap evening dresses online of backtoback talks, nothing is more refreshing than a visually clear, logically constructed and well articulated presentation.

A case in point was a recent involuntary but highly effective experiment by daniel a.Haber of the massachusetts general hospital cancer center, who gave a presentation on the last day of the cnio/nature conference oncogenes:The next 25 years' last month in madrid.Daniel decided to travel light and relied on the pen drive in his righthand jacket pocket for his slides.Unfortunately it was only during the pretalk coffee break that he noticed his pen drive was not in any of his pockets.Utterly unperturbed, he presented an oratory masterpiece apparently covering all the data on his slides(Which he occasionally tried to visualize with a laser pointer on the blank screen).Remarkably, he stayed precisely on time(One wonders if that would have been achievable with slides)And his findings were accessibly presented.Despite the late hour, the audience was well engaged and focused on the speaker the house lights were up and the speaker faced his audience.Most would agree that this was one of the most memorable talks in an altogether excellent conference.

The physical sciences which of course require the presentation of highly complex concepts have retained their traditional use of minimal visual aids.Cell biology is an observationbased discipline, and this may explain the field's affinity for visual support.Nevertheless, some 'do without' by choice:Sydney brenner has famously done away with slides altogether and certainly gives striking presentations.We would not necessarily advocate such a dramatic move unless of course you can marshal daniel haber's undeniable oratory skills.However, it is worth taking a lesson from this experiment:Focus audience attention on cheap wedding dresses australia the speaker, do not read off the screen and reserve slides to present key data and to summarize a complex body of work.Why not introduce the talk without slides?

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